Denver, CO

The Newton Street Duplex was the second in a series of duplex designs for the Highlands Neighborhood in Denver, CO.  With the resurgence of people moving back into the city from the suburbs, the older first-tier neighborhoods with easy access to the downtown core have become highly prized locations.  The Highlands has seen a wonderful regeneration of its older commercial shops and office space offering a vibrant social and service area for the surrounding housing, much of which is from the turn of the last century through the 1920’s.  Given its favorable zoning for duplexes and desirable location, our client targeted redevelopment of several lots in the neighborhood.

Our challenge was to create a series of duplexes each with a different architectural style with relatively open floor plans that met today’s lifestyle.  Targeting young professionals, the units needed to accommodate a home office as well as three bedrooms upstairs.  Additionally each unit has a detached 2-car garage.  The concept was to design the interior of the units with a few changes to the entry areas to offer more individuality and uniqueness.  The first of the series was a Victorian Style, while this second version in the series is a Contemporary Style.  The units in both the first and second duplexes sold either before construction was completed or shortly after completion.