the bungalows at mapleton

Boulder, CO

2008 AIA Colorado North Chapter, Award of Merit - American Institute of Architects

The Bungalows at Mapleton is an urban renewal projected located in the City of Boulder. The original site had one existing home and a public park that were both falling apart, so the client wanted to create a new environment that mimicked the existing character of the neighborhood. Through an extensive review process with the city, the complex site was redeveloped to hold five homes and a new public park. Each home was given unique design elements within the Bungalow style to give them each individuality and character. All five homes are wrapped around a central yard that connects to the new park via a stone pathway. Both the yard and the park were landscaped with native & drought tolerant vegetation to minimize maintenance. This cluster of bungalows creates a community that adds to and compliments its surroundings.

© Photos courtesy of Philip Wegener Photography